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Helen Pickett's Choreographic Essentials

Choreographic Essentials, created by Helen Pickett, is a unique and immersive dance think-tank initiated in 2011. The workshop is designed to develop, cultivate and expand the compositional/ choreographic and performance skill-sets of the participants. The program is geared toward professional and professional aspirant dancers, ages 17-25.

A 6-day intensive, Choreographic Essentials, draws from the extensive experience of Helen Pickett, and a guest teacher/choreographer. This experience provides a forum and offers guidance that reinforces the creative process, risk-taking, artistic autonomy and professional development. Participants will not only learn how to delegate power and manage time within a group, as a leader, but also learn how to take in more information, using the ideas of first choice, best choice and proprioception, as a muse. These are two very different positions to be in and give the dancer insight to both sides of the studio. A particular emphasis will be placed upon the generation of new ideas, and the subsequent actualization of the material generated by the participants, under the tutelage of Ms. Pickett. The final day of the workshop will feature a showing of the work created by participants.

Every course manifests differently. This new language is easy to learn and later refer to because it is rooted in easily accessible technique. It is a gratifying challenge that will help any person glide into the flow of energy that coordinates mind and body. This method will not only enhance your idea of space, but also will open your art to another level entirely.

A workshop breakdown is as follows:

Ballet Technique : 10:00-11:15, guest teacher

Forsythe Improvisation Technologies: 11:30-1:00 w/ Helen Pickett

Lunch: 1:00-1:30

Choreography/Composition: 1:30-5:00 w/ Helen Pickett & Guest teacher

Duration: 5 days

Showing: 6th day

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