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2016 Ballet, Improvisation, and Petal, North Carolina School of the Arts, Dir. Susan Jaffe
2016 Choreographic Essentials, UMass Amherst College
2016 - 2014 Steps, Forsythe Improvisation Technologies
2016 - 2004 Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Company Ballet Class, Dir. Judith Jamison and Robert Battle
2016 - 2009 Peridance, Forsythe Improvisation Technologies Master Classes, BLUEPRINT, New York
2015 - 2013 The Juilliard School, Forsythe Improvisation Technologies, Dir. Lawrence Rhodes
2015 - 2014 Choreographic Essentials, in cooperation with Atlanta Ballet and Kennesaw State University
2015 - 2014 Choreographic Essentials, Self-Produced Workshops in New York City
2013 Princeton University, Forsythe Improvisation Technologies, Guest Teacher
2013 Boston Conservatory, Forsythe Improvisation Technologies, Guest Teacher
2013 - 2009 Peridance, Forsythe-based Improvisation workshops
2013 - 2006 Kunsthogskolen, Forsythe-based Improvisation and Ballet, Oslo, Norway
2013 - 2011 Boston Ballet School, Inaugural Choreographic Intensive at Marblehead
2012 Duke University, Guest Teacher and Speaker, Dir. Thomas F. DeFrantz, PhD
2012 University of South Carolina, Repertory and Forsythe-based Improvisation
2010 Columbia College Chicago, Forsythe-based Improvisation 4-day Intensive
2009 Harvard University, Master class in Forsythe-based Improvisation
2009 Steps, Forsythe-based Improvisation 2-day Intensive
2009 - 2006 Forsythe-based Improvisation Intensives, Producer, Helen Pickett, New York
2009 - 2006 Boston Ballet School Summer Intensive, Forsythe-based Improvisation and Ballet, Audition Master Classes
2009 - 1999 The Ailey School, Director, Denise Jefferson, NY, Forsythe-based Improvisation, Ballet, Choreography, Summer Intensive
2009 - 2003 The Mark Morris School, Director, Mark Morris, Ballet, The Expansive Artist Workshop
2009 - 2008 Jacob’s Pillow, Guest Repertory Faculty, Contemporary Traditions, Director, Milton Meyers
2008 - 2004 The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Dir. Judith Jamison, Company 2004 Class
2007 - 2004 Fordham University, Dance Composition and Forsythe-based Improvisation, New York
2007 - 2004 Carte Blanche Company, Dir., Arne Fagerholt, Ballet and Improvisation, Norway
2006 George Mason University, Dance Chair, Elizabeth Price, Forsythe-based Improvisation and Ballet
2006 San Diego State University, Facilitator, Joe Alter, Forsythe-based Improvisation 4-day Intensive
2006 - 2005 Manhattan Marymount College, Dance Chair, Katie Langan, Choreography and Improvisation
2005 - 2000 The Summer Institute, Director, Kate Valk, NY, Choreography Workshops - Outreach Program
2005 Pasadena School of Design, Chair, Jeremy Gilbert-Rolf, Expansive Artist
2005 Cyber Arts Festival at MIT, Forsythe-based Improvisation 5-day Intensive, Boston, MA
2003 New York University, ETW, Director, Rosemary Quinn, Improvisation
2003 California Institute of the Arts, Dean, Christyne Lawson, Improvisation and Ballet
2002 The Wooster Group, Director, Elizabeth LeCompte, Improvisation
2002 The Actor's Studio Drama School, Assistant Dean, Pam Sabrin, NY